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Promoting TADD

In order to spread the TADD message or goals it will be necessary to keep a high profile. Here are a few ideas that may help launch a TADD group successfully:


1. Select an honorary chairperson for your TADD group. Your local mayor, town council, MP, or a concerned, well-respected community leader are all good choices.
It is essential that TADD has a strong voice in your community. *Offer this person a certificate honouring them as your Honorary Chairperson. Have the media attend this formal presentation.


2. Make announcements at school about the group's activities. Post notices on the bulletin board, make posters, make announcements over the public address system, place information in the guidance office and school newspaper. Invite other students and schools to join in your efforts.


3. In your community you can spread your message by newspaper announcements, local radio spots, posters, the Christmas card campaign and word of mouth. Encourage members to talk about TADD and its activities with others.


4. Conduct awareness programs in your school. Bring in guest speakers. You may even try "peer educating" other students in other high schools or even in junior high (grade nine). You could take a condensed version of the TADD program to these schools.


5. Initiate a TADD newsletter for your school or region.


6. Keep a TADD scrapbook. One of the best ways to carry this out is to get media coverage for all your events. This will provide you with clippings.


7. Other activities you may want to try are information booths in malls and at school, sponsoring school events such as a graduate banquet or prom and SAFE GRAD Program; you may want to sponsor a road sign to welcome people driving through your town, urging them not to drive while impaired; you may even want to stage a mock trial.


8. Some of your promotions may cost money. For example, if you want to hand out buttons or T-Shirts with the TADD logo emblazoned on them, you may be faced with some printing and production costs. In some cases businesses will donate their services but other times you may have to raise money on your own.


Some examples of fundraisers include car washes, canteens and gift wrapping services. Be creative. Do not forget to ask your membership about ways to raise funds. Sometimes groups lose sight of their objectives and original goals. The activities of the group become an end in themselves rather than a means to an end. Try to bear in mind the three objectives of TADD in whatever your group undertakes:

◆ To assist in the elimination of impaired drivers on our highways.
◆ To raise the level of awareness among high school students of the inherent dangers of impaired driving.
◆ To promote alcohol awareness through education and peer education programs.