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During a six-month period in the summer and fall of 1985, three Fredericton area teenagers needlessly died in alcohol-related motor vehicle collisions. The problem of alcohol and drug abuse is not confined to New Brunswick or teenagers in general. However, driving while impaired is one of the most significant causes of death among young people aged 16 to 24 years. Stunned by the deaths of their friends and fellow classmates, and the stark reality of these shocking statistics, a group of students at Fredericton High School decided to take a stand against drinking and driving.


After obtaining information from the Alcohol and Drug Dependency Commission of New Brunswick (ADDC) the students began holding meetings after school where they would discuss the issue of drinking and driving. Due to the recent tragic deaths of their friends they decided the time was right for introducing their program to the school at large.


First they chose a faculty advisor to guide and assist them. Realizing the time commitment and dedication required for such a role, the students felt very grateful and fortunate when Mrs. P. MacKenzie accepted the capacity of faculty advisor. The group then held a general meeting where they presented their program to the nearly 70 students in attendance. Afterwards they elected an executive committee consisting of two co-chairpersons, a vice-chairperson, a treasurer, a secretary and a publicity director.


The students decided to adopt the TADD acronym for their group, as it was founded in Canada and respected Canadian laws. To keep the energy level of the assembly on a high, the TADD group decided to sponsor the upcoming graduation ceremony in June. In February the group had cards printed up for the Grad Dinner. Attached to each was a quarter for a telephone call. The inscription went as follows:


A Touch of Class ‘86
This quarter we share because we care
If you need it, use it, but don’t abuse it
Friends don’t let friends drive drunk

The TADD group lent its support to the concept of Safe-Grad, a drug and alcohol-free graduation party held after the graduation ceremony.


Following the successful launch of their program at Fredericton High School, representatives of TADD traveled the province encouraging other students to join in their stand against drinking and driving. Through their own efforts and by participation in related activities TADD hopes to realize their ultimate goal—no alcohol related, teenage deaths on our highways.


Remember Teens: to keep your dreams alive, don’t drink and drive!