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Events to Host at School

The following are examples of events/fundraisers that your school can organize to promote TADD:


Tree of Life / Banner
Students put their hand prints on tree / banner and pledge not to drive impaired


Mock Crash
Local police, firefighters, and paramedics help set up a mock crash where TADD students pretend to be victims of a crash. They respond to the scene as though it is real and students watch.


Grim Reaper
Chosen students are asked to be ‘victims’ of an impaired driver. On the day of the event, the Grim Reaper enters the classroom, the student is taken from class. They have makeup applied to indicate injuries and wear a T-shirt that says they have been killed by an impaired driver. They continue with classes, but do not interact with their peers for the rest of the day.


Blackout / Whiteout Day
Students paint their faces or wear t-shirts to demonstrate how many people are affected by impaired driving.


Liquor Bag Art
Ask the local liquor store to provide you with their paper liquor bags.  Students then decorate them with messages about impaired driving.  Then liquor bags are returned to the store and given to customers.


Birthday Card
Students are given birthday cards when they turn 16 to let them know that with getting their driver’s licence comes a lot of responsibility, and that they should never drive while impaired.

Fatal Vision Goggles
Students organize obstacle courses while wearing the fatal vision goggles.  They can also play video driving games while wearing the goggles to demonstrate the dangers of impaired driving.

Guest Speakers
These speakers could be police officers, paramedics, or individuals who have been directly or indirectly affected by an impaired driver.


Plan your Ride
Arrangements are made to have a taxi, an ambulance, police vehicle, and a hearse in the school parking lot to demonstrate the possible consequences if you choose to drive while impaired.


Root Beer Sale
With a message that says – this is the only beer you need.


Crush Sale
Valentine’s Day – Crush pop can be sold and delivered to student’s crush.


Suckers with message – Don’t be a sucker, don’t drink and drive.
Nerds with message – Don’t be a nerd, don’t drink and drive.
Smarties with message – Be a smartie when you party, don’t drink and drive.


Check Stops
Students get together with the local police.  They could hand out life savers with a message saying – be a life saver.  Students talk to the drivers.  Donations are accepted, but students should not ask for donations.


Basketball Game (or other Sport)
Game is held during the last period of class.  Students play basketball against teachers, police, paramedics, and firefighters.  Students must pay $2 to get out of class to go watch the game.  An activity with the vision goggles can be organized during half time.


TADD Cafes
Students can sell mocktails at school dances.


B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Banana)
Students prepare banana splits for the students.  Students who bring their own banana pay $1 for banana split and students who do not bring their own banana pay $2.


Students and possibly local police get together and take turns going on an exercise bike for 24 hours.

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